Strata Apartments

Apartment Service

Apartment Intercom

Just like most people, no one likes opening the front door without knowing just who is on the other side of it. That being someone unfriendly or just someone you are trying to ignore but be that as it is here at safeguard security services can fully instore an apartment intercom so with this state of the art security system you have all the power so you can choose to let them in or not.


Apartment Access Control

Don’t feel quite safe in your apartment block, not know who has entered your building then safeguard security service can help by installing just what you need. You will know who and you can decide whether they come in or not with an access control system you can give access to anyone you choose with a click of a button or remove anyone just as fast.

Apartment CCTV

You have spent your entire life building the perfect family, car, and home and Losing everything would be devastating and to help with avoiding this safeguard security can custom build you a CCTV camera system that will play a major role in protecting your loved ones and properties these CCTV cameras can be used to deter criminals from acting or to help gather evidence if a crime has taken place to recover your stolen goods.

Lift Control

Do you want to limit access to specific floors of your building for safety or privacy reasons? safeguard security service has it handled with a lift control system you can limit access to any floor and give access to anyone with your permission with a click of a button.