Retail Loss Prevention Officers
Retail Loss Prevention Officers detect and investigate shoplifting, fraud and other unlawful acts of employees or customers in retail establishments.

  • Detects and investigates theft and other unlawful acts carried out in retail establishments.
  • Apprehends offenders and calls police.
  • Prepares reports.
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    Event Security
    Control and co-ordinate crowds and handle incidents.

    Festivals | Rock Concerts | Private parties and functions | Carnivals and fetes | Corporate functions | Charity events & fundraiser | Sporting events | School formal and events

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    After Hour Concierge
    Security Officers in Concierge role provides first contact and safety assurance to clients at after hour front desk.

    After Hours Concierge role includes, controlling access to building, monitoring CCTV systems, addressing after hour emergencies, OH&S checks and reporting finding.

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    Static Guards - Private Parties
    Guard role of private parties:-

    ID checks | Guest invitation confirmation | Monitor for under-aged drinking | Restriction on the use of illegal drugs | Noise control | Crowd management | Conflict Resolution | Evicting and blocking entry of unwanted guests and vagrants.

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    Guarding Rates Start from as little as $29.50 per hour

    Security Guard

    With over 20 years experience managing and deploying guarding and patrol solutions scaling from small commercial to large industries, casual guards for events to concierge, there really isn’t any scope of work that we cannot cover.

    Security Guard Services Include:


    • Uniformed Guard
    • Party Security
    • Plain clothes/Store security
    • Staff escorts
    • Concierge services
    • Perimeter protection
    • Private function
    • Emergency 24 hour response
    • Crowd control
    • Asset protection
    • Traffic control
    • Special events