Patrol Office
Nightly Random Patrol checking perimeter integrity
Welfare Check
Safety check on lone workers, elderly
Lockup & Staff Escort
Attend sites during lockups and shift changes to escort staff to their vehicles.
24 Hour Alarm Response
Safeguard Control Offer access to Alarm Responses to the Greater Metro Area 24 Hours a Day, All Year Round.

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Patrol Services

Patrol Services ensures the security and integrity of site by providing a visual deterrent to those with nefarious intent. Having a patrol person driving through vacant site after hours deter property loss and vandalism. All Patrol Sites are fitted with visible signage with notice of Site being Patrolled by Safeguard Security Services.

Patrol Officers also respond to Alarms 24 hours a day 7 days a week as a matter of priority.


Safeguard Patrol Services include:

  • Random patrols
  • Lock up service
  • Alarm Response
  • Welfare checks
  • Staff Escort
  • Casual patrol
  • Perimeter checks