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At Safeguard security, we have been looking after your neighbourhood while the neighbours have been away, and for that reason, our clients and their families have come to trust us with their most valued assets and can go about their lives with the knowledge that their homes and businesses are safeguarded by us.

Apart from providing the most up-to-date alarm monitoring services, clients take comfort in the knowledge that they will receive the best customer service, as we pride ourselves on it and go the extra distance to provide prompt and extensive technical advice. 

To us every customer matters, whether they are a homeowner or running a large business if our clients are ever in need of a question that must be answered, they can count on us to provide honest technical results or solutions. 

Virtual Response

Here at Safeguard Security services we have an ever-expanding range of services and with that comes the virtual response which is a completely mobile having an intruder activated CCTV alarm system that is maintained and is constantly watching over all your properties, our virtual response is recording and streaming footage 24/7 should an intruder be silly enough to break-in. Safeguard Security service utilises the latest in wireless video technology, Military-grade outdoor infrared cameras, completely wireless and self-sufficient.


With our video and alarm system signals sent via GSM network thanks to built-in onboard modem along with our self-contained lithium batteries so no need to connect it to power seeing it will last up to 2 years without even having to change the batteries.

Virtual Patrol

Traditional guarding functions can now be performed remotely. When you have Remote Guarding managed by Safeguard Security service, incidents are acted upon with real-time response and trouble can be deterred before it can occur. With all the improvement made with smart technology in combination with our remote security expertise creates unprecedented efficiency to help protect your facility 24/7.


Remote Guarding Services Include:

Remote Guarding’s Flexible Solutions:


Highly trained Remote Guarding officers are connected to these solutions right out of the box, protecting your entire facility.