Retail Loss Prevention Officers
Retail Loss Prevention Officers detect and investigate shoplifting, fraud and other unlawful acts of employees or customers in retail establishments.

  • Detects and investigates theft and other unlawful acts carried out in retail establishments.
  • Apprehends offenders and calls police.
  • Prepares reports.
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    Event Security
    Control and co-ordinate crowds and handle incidents.

    Festivals | Rock Concerts | Private parties and functions | Carnivals and fetes | Corporate functions | Charity events & fundraiser | Sporting events | School formal and events

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    After Hour Concierge
    Security Officers in Concierge role provides first contact and safety assurance to clients at after hour front desk.

    After Hours Concierge role includes, controlling access to building, monitoring CCTV systems, addressing after hour emergencies, OH&S checks and reporting finding.

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    Guarding Rates Start from as little as $29.50 per hour

    Security Guard

    With over 20 years experience managing and deploying guarding and patrol solutions scaling from small commercial to large industries, casual guards for events to concierge, there really isn’t any scope of work that we cannot cover.

    Security Guard Services Include:


    • Uniformed Guard
    • Party Security
    • Plain clothes/Store security
    • Staff escorts
    • Concierge services
    • Perimeter protection
    • Private function
    • Emergency 24 hour response
    • Crowd control
    • Asset protection
    • Traffic control
    • Special events

    As a client-focused organisation, our officers at Safeguard security services are the foundation of our organisation. We devote extensive time and resources to the hiring, training, development of our Officers. For that, our officers are thoroughly screened and trained with all the most up-to-date technologies so they can convey a high degree of professionalism while they are helping to safeguard people, property, and information.

    Safeguard Security will go the extra mile to provide our clients with all the national security resources but with a local focus. Safeguard security officers are the foundation of our organisation. Our On-site Guard’s are screened and trained and equipped with the most up-to-date technology, so they convey the highest degree of professionalism. That will not only meet our client’s needs but surpass them. 

    Whatever your needs, we have you covered, whether it be one guard at the reception desk or a team of Security Officers to monitor your warehouses. Safeguard Security services can provide you with the right amount of guards for your On-site Guarding needs with the ease and efficiency you desire.

    We acknowledge that every business environment is different and that we will build a security system with your needs in mind, which is why we have leveraged our years of knowledge and expertise to develop a variety of On-site Guarding functions to meet any client’s requirements.

    Remote Guarding

    Safeguard securities traditional on-site Guarding Functions have now been upgraded, improved, and now they can be performed remotely. Our remote guarding officers will be alerted to any events occurring at any Safeguard security client’s location and so can take immediate action to help manage, prevent, or even deter the activity.

    Nowadays everyone has heard the term “Smart Home” With all the improvements in technology, everything is controlled with an app on your phone traditional guarding functions have been adjusted and can now be performed remotely, cheaper. When you have Remote Guarding managed by Safeguard Security service, incidents are acted upon with real-time response, and trouble can be deterred before it can occur. With all the improvement that came with the invention of smart technology then combining it with our remote security expertise creates unprecedented efficiency to help protect your facility 24/7.

    This is a quick and less expensive solution for all your security needs after all with every alarm to be set off around 94-96% of all alarms being set off come back to be false alarms being mostly due to these factors Wildlife, moving foliage, wind, insects, low-performing sensors and most of all human error.

    Remote Guarding Services Include:

    • Remote Perimeter Protection
    • Remote Entry/Exit Management
    • Remote Patrol
    • Remote Escort
    • Remote Alarm Verification

    Remote Guarding’s Flexible Solutions:

    With safeguard securities, highly trained Remote Guarding officers that we can connect to every solution right out of the box, so protecting your entire facility couldn’t be any easier. And with our Unparalleled security expertise – Safeguard Security services is the leader in innovative Electronic Security Solutions. Our comprehensive approach to Electronic Security delivers a complete portfolio of intrusion, video, access, and integrated systems.

    Safeguard Security offers an entire portfolio of video, access, intrusion, and integrated systems & services, ensuring our efficiency without us compromising on security. You can efficiently manage permissions for all the access points to your business. Quickly add and delete employee access, secure equipment, inventory, and employees against unauthorised access and keep track of important activity in real-time.

    Safeguard Security services delivers industry-leading, comprehensive solutions. Our Electronic Security services and support will offer you the peace of mind that comes with trusting all of your security needs to a single security provider that has it all. This means you can have all the capabilities to either have a stand-alone basis or upgrade seamlessly, combining it with our guarding options managed via a single point of contact. 

    To learn more about how Safeguard Security services can help secure your property and how we have designed solutions to meet all of our client’s unique needs and wants as part of our Integrated Guarding capabilities. By contacting us now.

    Proven Track-Record of Excellence