PTZ Cameras

As the inventor of HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) technology, Dahua has continuously invested in the technology to rejuvenate existing coaxial-based systems since its launch in 2012 with its patents. As the first to bring 4K resolution over coax, the first to introduce IoT into analogue monitoring, and with versatile offerings such as multi-sensor and fisheye cameras, Dahua has formulated its HDCVI camera selection as the perfect choice to strengthen your existing coaxial system.

Dahua HDCVI cameras are separated into the Pro, Lite and Cooper Series, ranging from high performance with project-oriented features to a cost/performance balance. Users can select cameras based on their needs.

HDCVI cameras are used in applications where existing analogue infrastructure is available, and users require the latest technologies, including 4M/4K resolution, IoT over coax, Power over Coax (PoC), and more.

Pro Series

The Pro Series is a perfect choice for SMB solutions and projects where both high reliability and flexibility are required. All cameras are equipped with Starlight features, true WDR and 3DNR, and are able to provide clear images and rich details even under tough lighting conditions. Full-colour cameras can provide 24/7 vivid colour images.

Lite Series

The Lite Series is suitable for users who want high quality at a reasonable price. It features a superior cost/performance suitable for residential and small-medium business applications. The series offers a wide range of resolutions with Full-color/Starlight/general options to fit every scenario.

PoC Series

PoC Series features a camera powered directly by the recorder over the same coaxial cable in which video is transmitted. Dahua PoC transmission distance can reach up to 400 meters for AF cameras and 200 meters for AT cameras, which can help decrease material and installation costs and simplify the system.